Laurus Island

Things to Do

Laurus Cathedral

Laurus Cathedral, brought brick by brick from mainland Europe and reconstructed on Laurus Island is one of the top visitor attractions.

The closest station is Cathedral Station.

Cocles Bridge

If you enter Laurus Island by road or train you will cross the 25.62km (15.92 miles) Cocles Bridge from Cadaques. The current bridge was designed by the famous architect Mateo López and construction was completed in 1977.

The closest station is Cocles Station. A viewing platform is located a short walk from the station.

Ferris Wheel

The 120m (394 feet) high Ferris wheel provides great views of the city. Riding in the daytime and at night offer completely different experiences.

Entry fee: 4 Ar (adults); 3 Ar (concessions)

The closest station is Pomona East Station.

Mellona Zoo

Mellona Zoo prides itself on its humane conditions and spacious enclosures. While the zoo has a relatively small selection of animals, the other facilities and attractions mean that you can easily spend an entire day there. It also has a petting zoo containing a range of farm and domestic animals that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Entry fee: 6 Ar (adults); 4 Ar (concessions)

The closest station is Mellona Station.

Salacia Aquarium

The large Salacia Aquarium is home to a range of fish and sea creatures, as well as penguins.

Entry fee: 7 Ar (adults); 5 Ar (concessions)

The closest station is Salacia Station.

Crescent Square

The curiously named Crescent Square is decorated with statues of the twelve animals from the Chinese Zodiac, leading to it sometimes being called Zodiac Square by the locals.

The closest stations are Cathedral Station and Pomona East Station.


There are a number of arcades in the city centre. The biggest is Lampman Lights, owned and operated by Lampman Enterprises. They contain prize games, such as crane machines and video games, such as racing or fighting games.

Prices are generally about 1 Ar per game, with discounts for multiple plays.

The closest station to Lampman Lights is Central Station.

Museums and Galleries

There are a number of museums and galleries on Laurus Island, most of which are located in the city, although the Agricultural Museum can be found on the southern half of the island.

Popular museums/galleries include:

The National Museum of Laurus
    Laurus Island may be a young country, but that doesn't mean we're without an exciting history, culture and traditions! Find out more about the island at the National Museum.
    Closest station: Auster Station

The Natural History Museum
    Find out more about how Laurus was created, as well as the local ecosystem and wildlife.
    Closest station: Baltia Station

The National Gallery
    Features a prominent section of works by notable local artists, as well as some international favourites.
    Closest station: National Gallery Station

The Moscow Hopshaft Museum
    Located on the top two floors of the Trist Rain department store. Features concept art of the famous cat-rabbit mascot character, a collection of rare and historical merchandise, original drawings, and more.
    Closest station: Central Station

The Meadowgate Museum
    See the history and production process of Laurus Island's most famous ice cream company. Don't forget to check out the gift shop before you leave!
    Closest station: Central Station

All permanent exhibitions are free but special exhibitions may require an entrance fee.

Please note that many museums and galleries close on Mondays, or on Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday.

Nights Out

Theatre-goers can choose from a range of theatres and productions designed to suit a large variety of tastes. The biggest theatre is the Laurus National Theatre which has produced a number of award winning plays and musicals. For stand up comedy, the most popular venue is perhaps Dive.

There are a number of cinemas, both modern and more old-fashioned, located throughout the city. Basic ticket prices are standardised across the island, at 7 Ar for adults and 5 Ar for concessions.

The city is host to a number of music venues. The Apollo puts on many popular opera and jazz performances, while Atlantis is the biggest venue for pop and rock concerts.

For clubbing, Slow Couch and Prejudice are two of the top places to go, but remember to wrap up warm for the Saturday night queues in the colder months.

Theme Park - Coming Soon

Laurus Island is pleased to announce that a theme park (name TBC) is currently under construction on Baltia, the small island located on the east side of Laurus Island. Construction is expected to be completed within the next few years.

Patrons will be able to look forward to experiencing a range of thrills in this newest addition to Laurus's catalogue of attractions.

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