Laurus Island

Food and Shopping

Food and Drink

Laurus Island has a wide range of cafés and restaurants for every budget. There is everything from afternoon tea to fast food to international and ethnic cuisine. All restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options available and many provide halal and kosher options, too.

Local specialities include lychee curry, tomato chickpea pasties and Meadowgate’s signature chilli-ginger ice cream. Being an island nation the quality of the seafood is top-rate, too.

Tipping is not required on Laurus Island.


There are shops and department stores to suit a range of budgets, from the high-end Edesia department store to the many 2 Ar stores dotted around the city.

The world famous clothing and accessory brand Trist Rain has a flagship store on the island. In addition, the island is home to a museum for the brand’s mascot character Moscow Hopshaft, which was opened by the Rain twins themselves. The store and museum contain a number of items that are exclusive to Laurus Island.