Laurus Island



The currency on Laurus Island is argent(s) (Ar) and aesco(s) (Ae).

There are 100 aescos to an argent.

Please consult currency websites or your local bureau de change for the current exchange rates.

Most ATMs, restaurants and shops on Laurus Island accept international cards.

Carrying some cash can be useful but consider investing in a prepaid ‘Plutus card’, the Laurus Island contactless payment card, for the duration of your stay.

A ‘Plutus’ can be purchased from the airport or any train station for a refundable 3 Ar deposit.

It can be used for public transport, at vending machines and at many cafés, shops and restaurants all over the island.

It can be topped up at train stations and at many ATMs.


The public transport system is generally safe and reliable. Bus and train tickets can be purchased using either cash or a credit/debit card. Alternatively, the contactless prepaid payment card ‘Plutus’ can be used: simply tap your ‘Plutus’ at the train ticket barriers or when entering the bus.

A number of rental car agencies are available. Please visit individual company websites for more information. If you choose to drive, please remember that on Laurus Island cars drive on the left, not on the right, as in mainland Europe.

Public Holidays

Date Public Holiday
1st January New Year’s Day
1st February Friendship Day
5th May Equality Day
7th July Laurus Day
9th September Culture Day
11th November Individuality Day
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Boxing Day
31st December New Year’s Eve

Very few shops are open on public holidays so please plan accordingly.

Opening Hours

Business Opening Hours
Banks 9am-5pm
Post offices 8am-5.30pm
Shops 9am-6pm (approx)
Museums and galleries 9am-5pm
Bars and clubs 5pm-2am

Please check individual stores, etc. for precise times and information.